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Code of Ethics

-- Have fun.
-- Show respect for teammates, coaches, parents, opponents and officials.
-- Never argue with officials
-- Practice to learn, learn to play well.
-- Try your hardest.
-- Set personal goals.
-- Commitment to a high level of physical fitness.
-- Successful achievement in all academic subjects for each quarter, failure will suspend a player from the team.
-- Have fun.

-- Show respect for game officials.
-- Show respect for opponents.
-- Show respect for coaching staff.
-- Encourage players to respect coaches, officials and opponents.
-- Lead by example.
-- Have players at games and practice ready to play.
-- Communicate concerns to coaches away from players.

-- Be a role model for players and parents.
-- Strive to develop players' fundamentals and skills.
-- Show leadership in enforcing game rules and sportsmanship.
-- Respect each players' abilities and strengths.
-- Never show disrespect to game officials or opponents.
-- Communicate to parents and players regularly.
-- Foster a fun learning environment.
-- Continue personal growth in sports technique, tactics and first aid.
-- Pray before practices and games.
-- Make practice fun.
-- Keep a safe environment.
-- Have practice and game plan ready before practices and games.
-- Communicate with Athletic Director any problem, personnel or facility issues.

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