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Hot Lunch Program

Hot Lunch Program
Hot lunch is served on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

All hot lunches must be pre-ordered. No hot lunches are available "cash and carry", this includes pizza on Fridays.

Our hot lunch program is dependent on our parent volunteers. Three volunteers are needed on each hot lunch to set up and serve lunch to the students. This is a great opportunity to see your child(ren) during the school day! All volunteers must have proof of Virtus training. Please contact the school office with questions regarding Virtus training.

Signup Genius is used for hot lunch volunteers. Click here to volunteer for hot lunch duty.

Fitzgerald's Supermarket has worked with our school to provide variety and healthy choices with fresh fruits or veggies.
Price of lunch this year is $4.

On days hot lunch is served, various a la carte items may be purchased cash & carry. Items available include:


Ice Cream Choices - all are $1.25

-Ice Cream sandwich
-Itzakadoozle (fruit flavored bar)
-Edy's slow churned cups:
* Chocolate
* Vanilla
* Mint chocolate Chip
* Caramel Delight

Chips .50

Hot Lunch Order Instructions - New as of 11/21/16:

Hot Lunch orders may only be placed during an "open" order period. During the ordering period, please follow the steps below.

Effective November 18, 2016 (for January lunches), lunches will be ordered one month in advance through the Educonnect Parent Portal. This new process will simplify ordering and tracking of orders and payments for all. Families will now be able to see whether or not they have ordered lunch on a specific day whenever they login to Educonnect. Using Educonnect for lunch ordering will eliminate the need for parents to download and manually complete lunch order forms. It will eliminate the chance that a lunch ordered by parents is not correctly transcribed onto the office's lunch spreadsheet. This should mean less confusion for students in regard to the days that they are supposed to get hot lunch.

Lunches must be pre-ordered and pre-paid. The portal will be open to accept orders up until the cutoff date. Payment will be due shortly after the cutoff date each month. The system will generate the total amount you owe automatically based on your selections. On the advance order page, you will see a sentence that says: Placing an advanced order will charge the purchase to your account. Here at SMS, a "charge" feature is not enabled. Instead, the system will generate the total amount you owe automatically based on your selections. You will receive a statement or letter from the school office noting the balance due within a few days of the cutoff date. Orders for food cannot be placed with Fitzgerald’s until payment has been received. If you place an order, you must send in payment as soon as you receive your statement. You will also have the ability to see when your payment was received. It will be noted on the portal in your lunch account.

To place your lunch order, login to the Educonnect Parent Portal with the credentials provided to your family. Click here to access Educonnect. From the main Educonnect page, select Place Advance Lunch Orders.

You will see all the days on the top of the screen that hot lunch is available. You do need to scroll to the right, by using the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen, to see the entire month. All lunches are prefilled with No Lunch. Each child has their own row for you to select lunches. To select a lunch, simply click the dropdown menu under the date you would like the lunch. (Note: although Extra displays on all lunch days, Extra only applies to pizza Fridays. If you would like your child to have an extra slice with their lunch on Friday, you would choose which type of pizza you would like and select the Extra Slice-Chz or Extra Slice Pep.)

Once all of your selections have been made for the month, click the Submit Orders button at the bottom of the screen. When you receive your lunch “statement”, send in a check made payable to St. Mary’s School with “hot lunch” and the month of the order in the memo section. When your payment is received, your Educonnect account will be marked paid and you will be able to see that your payment has been processed in the school office. Once you see this payment confirmation, you can be confident that your child(ren) will receive all of the hot lunches you have ordered.

On the left side of the main page, under Quick Links, you will see Lunch Menu. You can click here to see what lunches are being offered. The Quick Link is for viewing and printing the lunch calendar only. You will need to log in to Educonnect to place your order.

All questions regarding the hot lunch menu or the ordering process should be directed to Michelle Howard - mhoward@stmarysimsbury.eduk12.net.

Wondering about when your children eat lunch? Click here

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