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Scholarship & Tuition Assistance

The following is general information regarding the types of tuition assistance available at St. Mary's School. When an application period is active, specific links are included for ease of access.

Consistent with the mission of the school, Saint Mary's School offers tuition assistance. Tuition assistance is funded by the Archbishop's Annual Appeal,the Catholic School Support Plan (CSSP), and the school's operating budget. Additional tuition assistance grants are available on an annual basis through the Saint Mary's School Trust. The Trust is an independent entity that awards scholarships. To be considered for tuition assistance from any of these sources, parents must annually complete an application via SMARTAID Financial Aid Service during the application period published by the school. Families will be notified when the application period for these scholarships is open.

The Joseph & Marilyn Gabriele Scholarship provides one scholarship per year and is awarded by the Principal and Pastor after discussion with faculty.

Click here for helpful information regarding completion of the SMARTAID application. Click here to access the SMARTAID application.


Who can apply:

Any family whose children have completed a year's enrollment in kindergarten or above and will be enrolled in grades 1 through 8 at St. Mary's school the following year is eligible to apply. There are no requirements regarding parish or religious affiliation.

Application forms and specific instructions for completion of the application for the scholarships administered by the St. Mary's School Trust are made available in the spring of each year.


Thanks to the overwhelming response, student tuition grants have been awarded, enabling families to enroll or retain their children in one of the Catholic elementary and middle schools in the Archdiocese.

St. Mary's School will be eligible to receive the funding needed to award tuition assistance grants of $500 each to students enrolled for the upcoming school year.


Catholic parishes without schools are assessed annually to assist Catholic schools. Funds are collected by the Archdiocesan Fiscal Office and released to parish elementary and middle schools and Archdiocesan high schools by the Superintendent of Catholic Schools.

Each parish elementary and middle school in the Archdiocese will be eligible to receive the funding needed to award 20 tuition assistance grants of $500 each to Catholic students enrolled for the upcoming school year. A total of $10,000 will be distributed to each parish school.

For more information on the Archbishop's Appeal Annual Tuition Grants and the Catholic School Support Programs, paste the following web address into your browser address window:


4. JOSEPH & MARILYN GABRIELE SCHOLARSHIP AWARD Annually, the principal and pastor jointly select a recipient from Grades Kindergarten -8 based on need to receive a $500 tuition assistance award so that this student may continue his/her educational journey and grow in the spirit of St. Mary's in the demonstration and development of faith, wisdom, community and stewardship. Donations to this scholarship fund may be made directly to St. Mary's School. Please note "Joseph & Marilyn Gabriele Scholarship" in the memo section of your check.


Father Matera will award tuition grants from this fund based on financial need. This fund provides flexible awards and is not limited to $500.00 grants per child.

All tuition grants are applied to the end-of-year tuition payments. Tuition grants are the last monies applied to your tuition accounts. If you receive tuition assistance and do not complete the school year with us, the grant will be rescinded and the money will be awarded to another family in need.

The grants from the Archbishop's Annual Appeal and the Catholic Schools Support Program are awarded as soon as the school receives the money. Tuition assistance in the operating budget is awarded as needed.

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