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Guidelines for Uniform & Non-Uniform Dress

Uniform Guidelines

Dress shoes (navy, black, or brown) are required at all times except for Physical Education classes (oxford style, saddle shoes, loafers, top-siders are acceptable). No sandal, no open-back shoes, or any type shoe which resembles a tennis shoe, no boots or hi-top shoes, and no shoes with a heel over 2 inches (measured from the back exterior of the shoe) are permitted.

All students hair should be neat with bangs above the eyebrows. Boy's hair should be above and not touch the shirt collar and trimmed around the ears. Scrunchies, hair clips, rubber bands, etc. must be in the hair, not worn on wrists. Extreme hair coloring and bleaching is not permitted. No beads should be worn in the hair.

No cosmetics, lip gloss, colored chapstick, nail polish, or artificial nails may be worn. No tattoos of any kind. No hologram contact lenses.

No body piercing except pierced ears for girls. Girls may wear one pair of earrings not larger than a dime and without hoops. Boys may not wear earrings of any type. Jewelry should be limited to one watch, one ring and simple crosses or holy medals on a narrow silver or gold chain.

Watches with a beeping device should be disconnected during the school day. Watches that beep will be taken away and must be picked up in the school office by a parent/guardian.

During the winter, girls may wear plain navy blue sweatpants or windpants under their uniform during arrival, recess, and dismissal.

The uniform should be clean and pressed with all buttons attached and hem intact. Shirt tails should be tucked in while a student is on campus. Students in 5th-8th grades do not have to tuck in their relaxed/Physical Education uniform shirts .Belts must be worn at all times when a shirt is tucked in to pants or shorts with belt loops. Belts may be navy, brown, or black.

Physical education uniforms are worn to school on days students have physical education unless there is Mass. On Mass days, students should wear the relaxed or formal uniform. Students should follow teacher's directions as to whether the physical education uniform should be brought to school. When appropriate, physical education classes will be modified to accommodate the uniform of the day.

Brownie/Scout Uniforms Students may wear the scout uniforms on meeting days.

Students who repeatedly violate the uniform policy, will be denied participation in the next out-of-uniform day or will serve a detention.

Out-of-Uniform Guidelines

When permission is given for an out of uniform day, clothing selected for wear may be casual but must be appropriate for school.

Students may wear:
*tennis shoes
*short socks
*shorts no shorter than three inches above the knee
*skirts no shorter than three inches above the knee
*jogging suits
*nail polish

Students may not wear:
*flip-flop sandals
*no open back shoes
*tank tops
*T-shirts with inappropriate writing
*tennis shoes that convert to roller skates
*biker shorts
*pajama pants

Good Rule: If you think you shouldn't wear it, you shouldn't.

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